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Cold Brew

- Grind: ~10
- Dry Dose: 65 grams [9-10 tbsp or a heaping half cup]
- Water: 455 grams [or 16 ounces]


- Draw 16 oz of cool water
- Measure and grind the coffee to a medium coarseness
- Put the coffee grounds into a dry French Press
- If using a scale, tare it to zero


1. Pour water over the coffee grounds, making sure all grounds get wet
2. Evenly stir the water and coffee together
3. Cover the press and store overnight (about 12 hours) in a cool, dry place
4. Do not store in the refrigerator while brewing
5. When ready to drink, put the lid on the press and gently plunge
6. Decant the concentrate into a pitcher, jar, etc.
7. Do not let the coffee sit in the press or it will turn bitter. Enjoy!
8. Clean by scraping the grounds into the compost and rinsing the press