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French Press

- Grind: ~10
- Dry Dose: 35-42g
- Water: 565g

- Bring kettle to boil
- Grind 35-42g of coffee on ~10 (medium-coarse on home grinders)
- Put coffee grounds into French Press
- Set French Press on scale and tare

1. 0:00-0:30 Pour 565g (20 oz) of water that has just boiled gently onto the coffee grounds, making sure all of the grounds get wet
2. 0:30-0:40 Lightly stir the grounds with a wooden spoon that reaches the bottom of the container
3. 6:00-6:10 Lightly stir the grounds so they sink to the bottom of the container
about half an inch below the water surface
4. Put the lid on the press and gently press down the plunger
5. Pour the coffee into mugs or a pitcher. Don't let the coffee sit in the French Press or it will turn bitter. Enjoy!
6. Clean by scraping the grounds into the compost and rinsing the container.

*Time points do not need to be exact, but ending time should be the same