Kalita Wave

- Grind: ~6.5-7.5
- Dry Dose: 25g
- Water: 400g

- Bring kettle to boil
- Grind 25g of coffee on ~6.5-7.5
- Place filter in Kalita Wave. Rinse filter with boiling water without disturbing filter pleats.
- Let water drain into base. Rinse base with hot water.
- Pour grounds on top of filter and tap side of Kalita until grounds form a flat ''bed''
- Tare scale


1. 0:00-0:40 Bloom with ~50g of water
2. 0:40-1:15 Slowly pour in concentric circles up to 150g of water in center of filter (avoiding creases)
3. 1:15-1:25 Allow coffee to settle
4. 1:25-2:00 Slowly pour up to 250g of water
5. 2:00-2:10 Allow coffee to settle
6. 2:10-2:30 Slowly pour up to 350g of water
7. 2:30-2:40 Allow coffee to settle
8. 2:40-2:50 Pour up to 400 g of water
9. 3:30 All water should be finished passing through Kalita filter. Grounds should be resting even and flat at the bottom of filter.
10. Clean

*Time points do not need to be exact, but ending time should be the same