Mauricio Salaverría

Finca Divisadero, Apaneca-Ataco, Ahuachapan, El Salvador

El Salvador Divisadero, under the leadership of Mauricio Salaverría, has broken ground in El Salvadorian specialty coffee cultivation. Salaverría comes from a long line of coffee producers and spent his youth on coffee farms. Salaverría has applied this lifelong expertise to cultivate some of the highest quality coffee in El Salvador.

Five small farms make up the Divisadero estate, each with a different microclimate carefully preserved by Salaverría to support the growth of fragile coffee varieties such as Bourbons, Pacas, Pacamaras, Maracaturras, and Geishas. Coffees on this farm are hand-picked at optimal ripeness, a laborious process that ensures the highest quality of each cherry. The farm also draws upon the natural cycles of the region to process their coffee, washing with recycled rainwater and drying with the excess wind found at the processing mill.

Not only is this farm environmentally conscious, but their coffees have gained renown in Australia, France, Italy, Canada, and the US and have competed in the El Salvador Cup of Excellence three years in a row, winning 5th, 6th, and 7th place. Salaverría and the Divisadero Estate have pioneered the use of the honey-processing method in Central America, which is still a rare process in this part of the world, but one that yields an unmatched cup. We love this farm and their commitment to innovation and sustainability, and we’re excited to continue to watch them excel.

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