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Guatemala David Solano Natural

Guatemala David Solano Natural

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Origin: Guatemala

Producer: David Solano
Farm: Concepcion Buena Vista
Process: Honey
Variety: Red Bourbon
Elevation: 1500 MASL

Tasting Notes:
Pineapple, Grape, Dark Chocolate

Roaster's Notes

For this Yeast Innoculated Natural Process, the team at Concepcion Buena Vista pick the cherries from the tree and wash them thoroughly to ensure there is no contamination on the outside of the cherry skin. Then, the cherries are placed in food-grade fermentation tanks that can hold 2500 pounds at a time. These tanks are now built into the mill building and have scaffolding for easy loading, cleaning, and maintenance. They use food-grade tanks so that they can clean as much as possible between batches. Each tank is equipped with a pressure valve, relief valve, pH meter, and temperature meter. David’s mossto is made in their microbiology lab on the farm. Starting with fresh pineapple, they make a puree and let it ferment, creating a healthy population of yeast. They then separate the correct amount ofyeast needed for each batch and create the mossto with that yeast culture for each batch produced. Once the mossto is added to the food-grade tank, the lid is sealed, and the tank is flushed of oxygen for 75-90 hours to allow the yeast to eat as much organic material as possible and seal into the seeds underneath. The team at Concepcin Buena Vista covers the tanks with temperature control blankets and constantly monitor the pH level as it degrades during the fermentation process. Once the coffee is depulped to a honey, it goes into the covered greenhouse patio to dry on raised beds for 10-12 days, and then it is moved to raised drying beds outside to dry directly in the sunlight for 13 days.

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