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Nicaragua Luis Alberto Balladarez

Nicaragua Luis Alberto Balladarez

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Origin: Nicaragua

Producer: Luis Alberto Balladarez

Farm: Un Regalo de Dios

Process: Natural

Variety: Caturra

Elevation: 1600 MASL

Un Regalo de Dios translate to “A Gift from God” , this farm is high up in the mountains behind Benecio Las Segovias and is truly a sight to be seen. Luis Alberto and his son both manage Un Regalo de Dios and together they grow and process these excellent coffees.

Luis Alberto has been producing coffee his entire adult life, and has turned his obsession for specialty coffee into one of the premier coffee production facilities (Benecio Las Segovias) in the world. He hand selects each lot that gets contracted and helps every coffee nd it’s home. QC at Benecio Las Segovias is the key to their delicious coffees.

Facing maturation and fermentation difficulties caused by climate change is becoming more and more difficult. For this reason, he’s doing his part. Each coffee process is carefully monitored at this farm. They use indeed organic products as fertilizers and filters to avoid water or soil pollution after depulping. Finca Un Regalo de Dios has a loose sandy soil, with abundant humus and has an annual rainfall of between 1,400 and 1,600mm. In addition, the farm has a rich biodiverse environment of fauna and flora, with an abundance of trees and conifer species. All of this together creates optimal coffee growing conditions. 


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