Mauricio Gaviria

Finca Villa Laura Vereda El Uvital, Fredonia Antioquia, Colombia

We are proud to be the first direct-trade partners of this incredible farm. Orlando Gaviria bought the first portion of Finca Villa Laura in 1993 with only a small section dedicated to coffee cultivation. Over the years, Orlando and his wife Maria expanded their coffee production until it became their primary crop.

During his life, Orlando made strides in creating equity and opportunity in his community. He invested heavily into improving the housing on his property for his coffee pickers and established a nonprofit called Cerro Bravo, which united local coffee producers to share knowledge and expertise, thus strengthening the region’s coffee production and quality as a whole.

Today, the farm is run by Orlando’s youngest son Mauricio. Previously a business manager in Medellin, Mauricio decided to take over full-time care of the family farm after his father’s passing. Since assuming this role, Mauricio has focused on maintaining unmatched coffee quality while maximizing efficiency on the farm. He’s established an innovative and water-efficient processing system as well as built a mechanical transportation system for the beans, thus alleviating stress on the pickers. We are excited to continue working with this farm and to enjoy the phenomenal coffees they bring to us from the beautiful Andes mountains of Colombia.

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